Wool for Warmth was founded after an error in translation. When my friend Linda died, her husband Richard gave me her wool and told me to ‘do something good with it’, while he actually meant: ‘Make something nice of it.’ I interpreted this as a message to help others with the wool that Richard gave me.

When I got this wool, I decided to post a message on facebook: ‘Who wants to knit for homeless people? I have wool.’ The reactions I got on this message were overwhelming. I never expected that so many people would want to join me on this mission.

The philosophy of our organisation has been established by a group of teenagers who were discussing at my dining room table. They decided that our ideals could only manifest themselves if everyone related to Wool for Warmth is happy. This means for example that our volunteers do work that fits their talent, and that homeless people get the clothes that match their preferences.

Since 2019 we have been located in SoZa’s living room. This is a common place where also many residents hangout during the day and the evening. We try to create a safe space for them where they can be themselves and feel welcome.